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Software Testing & Its Functionality

Software Testing & Its Functionality

Software testing is the technical process used to recognize the correctness, completeness,security, and quality of developed computer software˳ Software testing is executed to display quality-related information about a tested product˳ Software testing is a vital part of software quality assurance˳

Some of the common quality attributes of a product a tester looks for are capability, reliability, efficiency, portability, maintainability, compatibility and usability˳ A good test not only bring out errors, it also displays interesting informations new to a project community˳ Software testing play a crucial strategic role for transporting the quality of the product higher in the hierarchy in the software development process˳ It also underlines the customer’s requirements all the way through the product cycle˳

Some of the vital software testing procedures involved in testing a product are functional testing, negative testing, customer scenario testing, stress testing, performance testing, scalability testing, international testing, and more˳ The sole purpose of software testing is to assure that customers receive maximum product quality˳

Some of the common types of testing a test engineer consider while testing a product are Black box testing,White box testing ,incremental integration testing,functional testing,

system testing,end-to-end testing,sanity testing or smoke testing,regression testing,

acceptance testing,acceptance testing,performance testing,usability test,uninstall testing, recovery testing, failover testing, security testing, exploratory testing, ad-hoc testing, mutation testing and more˳

Though all projects are profited from testing, some projects generally don’t need independent test staff˳ The requirement of test stuffs depend upon the size and context of the project, the risks, the development methodology, the developer’s skill and experience and more˳ A short term, low risk project handled by experienced programmers employing unit testing or test-first development do not need test engineers˳ Considering the different goals in software testing, different roles are established for software testers˳ They are test lead/manager, tester, test designer, test automater/automation developer and test administrator˳

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