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The Secret to High Performance Isn’t What You Think

The Secret to High Performance Isn't What You Think

I have been given projects and jobs that I had no experience doing and was trusted that I would do a good job˳ I don’t say this to brag, but simply to point out that I know myself as, and am known to be a high performer˳ It is not that I have some super powers or am a genius or anything that you might think˳ What has me be a high performer is that I have a very high degree of integrity˳

First, I want to say a bit about the meaning of integrity that I am speaking about˳ I am not speaking about anything that has to do with morality- with right and wrong or good and bad, that most people refer to when they speak about integrity˳ For example- you are good if you have integrity or bad if you don’t˳ I am not talking about it like that, at all˳

What I am speaking about when I say I have a high degree of integrity is simple, yet the real secret to high performance˳ What I mean is; I honor what I say˳ I make promises, some of which I don’t know how it will happen when I make them, and then I do what I need to do in order to keep them˳ When I find I cannot keep them, I speak to the people to whom I promised and let them know˳ I deal with any consequences powerfully and I make a new promise˳ When I say promise, I am talking about what results I will produce including a time by when I will do what I said˳ This is a key point- because if you don’t include a time by when what you said will be done, it is not a promise, but simply a sincere attempt (and even you know that it may or may not get done!)˳ I don’t promise actions, either but results- because results are the key to high performance˳ You will take whatever actions you take, but if you don’t produce results, nothing much got accomplished˳

Entire companies have markedly increased their performance by simply taking on this one concept˳ Individuals skyrocket their success˳ It is simple, yet a new way of thinking and like anything new, does take practice to master˳

So, if you are interested in becoming a high performer, take on your integrity˳

To review the steps:

1˳ Make promises for results you will produce, and include a date by when you will do what you promised˳

2˳ Honor your promise by taking actions that are consistent with producing the results˳

3˳ If you fail to produce the results, report that to whoever you made the promise to˳ Deal with whatever consequences there is from your failure˳

4˳ Make a new promise, if appropriate˳

5˳ Critical Point-This is not about good or bad˳

What I have noticed is that when someone begins to really take on their integrity like I am talking about here, they mostly notice all the places where they lack integrity˳ That is not a problem unless you forget integrity is not a good or bad moral judgment, but simply the key to high performance˳

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