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Different Varieties of Air Conditioners

Different Varieties of Air Conditioners

Air conditioning systems have gone through tremendous change over the years˳ They were once only used by the wealthy and considered as an unnecessary luxury by the population at large˳ Today when you go to most people’s homes, you will rarely see air conditioners˳

Today, the they have become more efficient and environmentally friendly, considering all the basic components inside have actually never been replaced, this include compressor, evaporator coil, condenser coil, and a metering device˳ Some of them includes central air condoning, the portable, and ductless and room air conditioners˳ They are normally installed based on the needs and size of the project being undertaken˳ For huge spaces, central air conditioning works best˳ But smaller areas, a room air or ductless conditioning unit can be used˳ The portable one can be used anywhere you˳

The most efficient in the market today is the central air conditioner, and can maintain a consistent temperature and humidity in confined space it designed according to high quality˳ This is a relatively expensive option for house builders but the personal comfort and its ability to regulate the house thoroughly normally outweigh the money spend˳ The system has two varieties, the split and the package unit˳

The split system will contain 3 major components, outdoor units which are mostly observed in building in the city˳ There is a compressor and condensing coil which is filled with refrigerants˳ When the fan blow outside air over it, thermal energy is released outwards and the refrigerant is cooled˳ The indoor unit has coils and blower inside the furnace, air is circulated through the coil then sent to the duct throughout the house˳ And the last set is the line set˳

With a Portable AC systems you can go anywhere in the house with you air it are a great alternative to be used in the house, they sometimes supplement to central air conditioning˳ They can be used in any building which does not allow you to have access to central air conditioning˳ They are cost effective and easy to use and maintain˳

The ductless system also known as a mini split work well in rooms without attics and overhead space˳ This alternative is good since you don’t have to put pipes outside you window˳ The mini split air conditioner also has the same components as the split 3˳ With this air-conditioning system, installation is easy because the mounting fit perfectly to each other˳

With this system it can cool or heat the room and there is not duct work needed, it’s extremely quiet and very reliable

In the past years, AC filters were used to maintain the cleanliness of the evaporator coil and blower˳ Now, they are a vital, and sometimes underestimated, part of the air AC because they filter out particles in the air flow˳

The importance is air filters are now used to clean the air in the home, not just the air conditioning system˳

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