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How to Lose the Leprechaun this St Patty’s Day – Tips to Get You Out of the Tough Dating Situations

How to Lose the Leprechaun this St Patty's Day - Tips to Get You Out of the Tough Dating Situations

We all know that St˳ Patrick’s Day is about pouring as many green tinted cocktails into your cute little body as humanly possible˳ So it’s a given that at some point in your adventures, you’ll wind up with a leprechaun˳ Not the hottie with the Irish accent that has all three of your wishes wrapped up in a ruddy cheeked package complete with a mother still living back in the land of grassy knolls˳ But instead the annoying little troll that popped out from under the bridge˳ By the luck of the Irish, this little man has found his own pot of gold…˳you˳

Dodging the calls

After you mistakenly answer the first call from the leprechaun immediately name him in your phone˳ You can have a lot of fun with this˳ In my phone right now there is a “no way”, “OMG no”, “not a chance” and “bar fly boy”˳ Give the leprechaun a good descriptive name so there is no chance of accidentally answering while you’re not prepared˳

Facing the Leprechaun in your closet

Now at some point you will have to talk to him and there is always the potential run in looming in the future˳ So being the well bred southern ladies that we are, we feel you must let him know gently that you will be available for a date immediately after hell freezes over˳ The list of excuses for not dating can be endlessly inventive˳ Keep in mind at all times to protect your reputation˳ I advise against hinting at any infectious diseases˳ These stories will definitely zap his interest but have a tendency to spread as quickly as the disease itself˳ Any concocted tales of sudden amnesia or inheriting your third cousin’s vineyard in Italy may come back full circle˳ Karma can be a bitch and a bitch that you want on your side˳ It’s best to let the leprechaun down with semi honesty and tact˳ You will continue to be held in high regard if you are able to make the leprechaun feel good about himself while you are shooting down his advances like Rambo in the jungle˳

Luckily Charming

Mrs˳ Jones was right in the 1st grade when she said honesty was the best policy˳ Slightly twisted honesty with a smidge of charm˳ So when you do bump into Chaun at the next fab hot spot in town, or worse, when he turns out to be very well connected to the circle you’ve been drooling about joining, simply pour on the sappy syrup by explaining how your best girlfriend was digging him that night too & you couldn’t possibly accept a date & do that to her! Now you look like the angel, and if he pushes the issue he looks like a jerk˳ And nobody goes home crying!

Magically Talkative

The Barbara Walters interview tactic also works˳ We all know how the Chaun loves to talk, list his areas of expertise and rattle on about his past American All-Star athletic accomplishments˳ This is where Playing the Field Card Game can save your day! With some staged tears, dramatic stories and tells of woe, heroism and world domination, you can slant the answers of your questions to completely blow his mind! A little bit of fudging in a direction that still makes him just want to be friends with you as compared to a romp in the hay is an easy way to make him realize that the love at first sight was due to the amount of green beer consumed˳

So there are your clutch ‘outs’˳ Wrap one up with a nice tidy bow & store away neatly in your back pocket because, heaven knows, March isn’t the only time Chauns come around˳

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