Home Health Hot weather, should drink fruit juice instead of filtered water?

Hot weather, should drink fruit juice instead of filtered water?

Hot weather, should drink fruit juice instead of filtered water?

The weather is hot, do you need to drink more water, is it okay to drink too much water? Is it possible to use fruit juice completely without drinking / drinking less water, because everyone thinks fruit juice will have more nutrients and vitamins?

The intense heat of the past few days has greatly affected people's health, especially those working on the streets, in the fields, construction workers... - Photo: DUEN PHAN

The intense heat of the past few days has greatly affected people’s health, especially those working on the street, in the fields, construction workers… – Photo: DUEN PHAN

This is a question many people are interested in, although drinking water is a very familiar thing every day, but not many people know how much to drink˳

How much water does the body need each day?

According to Dr˳ Nguyen Trong Hung, head of the adult nutrition consultation department, National Institute of Nutrition, water accounts for 60-70% of body weight˳ Humans can fast for a long time, but not as long as fasting˳ Just losing 5-10% of water is considered severe dehydration, when losing 15-20% of water will not be cured˳

In sweat excreted, the main component is water and some electrolytes such as sodium and potassium are dissolved in water˳ Each age and weight will need different amounts of water˳ Water intake is the total amount of fluid taken into the body in a day˳ The body’s daily water needs depend on the weather, living conditions, working conditions, and physiological conditions˳

– Children under 10kg, with each kg of weight will need 100ml / day, equivalent to need to load about 1 liter of water / day˳

– Children from 10 – 20 kg will need to load into the body each additional weight after 10 kg is 50 ml / kg, when the child is 20 kg, a day needs 1˳5 liters of water˳ Children from 20 – 40kg, each additional kg after 20kg need 20ml/kg; When children are 40kg, they need to load about 1˳9 liters per day˳

– For an adult weighing 40-60kg, it is necessary to load 40ml/kg/person/day, ie 1˳6 liters to 2˳4 liters of water/day˳

Healthy elderly people (60 years of age and older) will need lower amounts of water than adults˳ Elderly people need about 30ml/kg/person/day˳ For example, an elderly person of 50 kg needs about 1˳5 liters of water per day˳ Elderly people of 70 kg need about 2 liters of water per day˳

Dr˳ Hung said that the hot weather also needs to add more water to the body, but do not need to add too much˳ For those who work and operate in harsh weather conditions, they will lose more water through sweat and breath˳ These people need to add 300ml or 500ml of water / day depending on the level of activity˳

How to know the body lacks water

It is possible to know the amount of water in the body is lacking or enough through the signs of thirst or observing the color of the urine… If the urine is dark yellow and small, the body may be lacking water˳ If the urine is pale yellow or white, the body is probably not dehydrated˳

Sweating causes the body to lose water and salt, but the amount of salt is not too much˳ Currently, with the Vietnamese diet, there is an excess of salt, so the amount of salt lost through sweat is not much˳

But if conditions permit, it is possible to drink Oresol solutions with electrolyte replacement in accordance with the instructions for use˳ “We just need to drink enough with filtered water and fruit according to the appropriate recommendations” – Dr˳BS Hung recommended˳

In hot weather, the body needs to add water, but it should not be replaced with too much fruit juice - Illustration

In hot weather, the body needs to add more water, but it should not be replaced with too much fruit juice – Illustration

Is drinking a lot of water good?

Answering this question, Dr˳ Hung said drinking too much water is also not good˳ Many people who play sports or work hard because of thirst and drink too much water at a time (more than 300ml or 500ml) may experience dizziness, dizziness, fainting˳ Because when loading large amounts of water into the body at once, it will lead to electrolyte disturbances, increasing the burden on the heart˳

People who do heavy labor and sports activities need to adjust, divide the amount of water to drink during the day accordingly, should not drink water at once˳ Each time should only drink a maximum of 100-200ml of water is reasonable˳

Can drinking fruit juice completely replace filtered water?

According to Dr˳ Hung, fruit juice is good but cannot be completely replaced by fruit juice˳ To get juice, it is necessary to squeeze or grind a large amount of fruit˳ While the body should only load the amount of fruit within the recommended range˳ It is possible to take an easy-to-understand example like this “to have a cup of apple or guava juice, half a kilogram of apple or guava is needed˳ That’s beyond the recommended limit” – Dr˳ Hung said˳

How much juice can you drink a day?

Recommended amount of fruit for each age group˳ For adults, should eat about 3 units of fruit, a day should not eat more than 250 grams of fruit˳ Children can eat no more than 200 grams of fruit a day˳ With this amount of fruit, you can blend or squeeze and squeeze the juice depending on your preference˳ Should eat a variety of fruits in many forms: citrus, pieces and drink water˳

Dr˳ Hung warned, if exceeding the recommended amount, it will lead to an excess of simple sugars and an excess of energy˳ For people who are overweight and obese, people with metabolic disorders, and people who want to keep weight, the use of fruit exceeding the recommended threshold will not be able to lose weight˳

“The thought of eating ripe fruits and vegetables is not the right mindset˳ The right message is: Eat enough green vegetables and ripe fruits as recommended for each age, medical condition… Many people suffer from disorders˳ blood sugar due to eating too much fruit, especially for middle-aged people” – Dr˳ Hung noted˳

If you eat too much fruit, it will lead to an excess of accumulated energy, an excess of simple sugars˳ If you eat too many green vegetables, your stomach will not have enough capacity to hold other nutrient-rich foods, even though green vegetables are a good source of fiber and vitamins˳

Cool water to cool off, fruit tea "sold out" in hot weatherCooling water, fruit tea ‘get money’ hot season

Cooling foods and drinks maintain high purchasing power, a series of food trends are born, causing a “storm” in the summer to help restaurants and eateries “make money”˳

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