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Real Estate Selling – FSBO – How to Use a Classic Marketing Approach to Sell Your Property Online

Real Estate Selling - FSBO - How to Use a Classic Marketing Approach to Sell Your Property Online

When marketing property it can be very effective to combine “tried and true” methods from the past with cutting-edge methods from the present˳ All marketing methods and theories must be tested in the marketplace to determine how well they work˳

Just within the last 12 months new marketing approaches have sprung up from the internet˳ Twitter is the most famous example, but there are others˳ For example, Google changed all its rules on local search engines last summer˳

With the rise in blogs, internet directories, online forums and free classified advertising sites there are now literally dozens of websites where property can be advertised for no or little cost˳ You need to learn about these if you want to effectively market your property on the internet˳

However the rise in the prominence of internet marketing does not mean to throw away all that has been learned from the past˳ Classic marketing methods still work very well, and can often be adapted to the internet˳

You can combine classic marketing methods with the latest internet marketing techniques to create a very powerful marketing program for your home or other property˳ This is true whether you have a Realtor listing or not, because Realtors are not doing these kinds of marketing programs˳

Perhaps the most effective technique in internet marketing is what can be called “automatic email marketing˳” This is a way to make automatic the all-important follow-up process which is the key to making sales˳ If you don’t follow up on leads you won’t make sales, period˳

What we have discovered is that the old traditional “two-step” marketing method works great with the new technology that allows automatic sales lead follow-up˳ You can use these methods to sell your property˳ Here is how it would work:

  1. You get an interested buyer to visit your custom home-for-sale website˳
  2. You offer something of value if they leave you their name and email address (a prize or gift)˳
  3. You automatic follow-up system kicks into gear and sends a “thank you” email to your site visitor˳
  4. The follow-up system sends the visitor an email every other day for a while, and later just once per week˳
  5. Eventually one of these website visitors buys your property, because after they came to your site you captured their information and followed up with them˳

Most people wouldn’t think of combining these two great marketing methods to sell real estate˳ In fact, I don’t know of anyone else who is doing it˳ I just know it works˳ Try it for yourself and see˳

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