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The Three Ps Of Successful Marketing

The Three Ps Of Successful Marketing

If I had to come up with the three most important areas of marketing, they’d probably be the three PS:

positioning, presentation and panache˳

Yes, I love alliteration, but that’s not the reason why˳ Actually, it’s what I’ve learned over years of working with small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of different industries˳ When companies are stumbling over their marketing, one of the three PS is generally at fault˳

Let’s look at how this works˳

Positioning is probably the most critical area of a company’s marketing˳ It’s your identity˳ It addresses who you are˳ What makes your product or service unique˳ How you differ from the competition˳ What clients can expect when they work with you˳ If you can’t answer the above, odds are your marketing can’t be working very well˳

You need to be able to tell prospects and customers just what your firm can do for them˳

For example, if you claim to be experts in time management, you should be estimate how much time a company can expect to save if they hire your firm˳ By translating the time into hourly wages, a company can see that working with you will help them save “x” amount of dollars per year˳ It’s pretty simple and a lot more effective than just saying “we can save your company a lot of wasted time”˳

Presentation is the second most important aspect of marketing your business˳ It’s the face of your company˳ From the receptionist in your office to the sales and marketing team and right up to the CEO˳ Every person in your firm represents who you are˳ So if the person who answers the phone does so in a dull monotone, that sets the first impression of your company – not a good one˳ On the other hand, a bright and friendly greeting from a person happy to help you immediately presents a positive impression˳

Of course, presentation isn’t limited to employees˳ It’s reflected in your business cards and marketing material, on your website, in the professionalism of sales calls and networking, in each and every meeting and every follow-up˳

If you want potential clients to view your firm as a possible vendor, make sure that everything and everyone related to your company presents well˳

And the final “p” — panache˳ Is this absolutely critical to successful marketing? Not necessarily˳ If you’re an IT support service, your technical knowledge, track record and response time are more important than style˳ But then again, aptitude and talent can be defined, albeit loosely, as panache˳ And those are skills that an IT firm should have˳

For most businesses, when I refer to panache, I mean that “extra something”˳ An edge˳ It might not even be anything you can define˳ Call it flair or spirit — charisma or energy˳ It’s what makes people want to listen to what you have to say˳ Or see what you have to sell˳

For a retailer, it could be fabulous taste and unique products, invitingly displayed˳ Or a merchandising flair that creates drop dead gorgeous windows where people just have to stop and look˳ Throw in a warm and friendly sales staff and you’ve got the elements for a successful retail shopping experience˳

Savvy marketers want people to stop, look, listen…˳and buy˳ Those with the right positioning, professional presentation and a bit of panache have a much better chance of succeeding than those that don’t˳

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